KR2B56S RV vertical kayak racks for Up to four Kayaks, or boards. SAVE $350.00 NOW


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These Heavy Duty, patented, one piece designed racks are built to last a lifetime! Constructed in the USA with double powder coated steel frames, stainless steel guards, and hardware. Every RV Vertical Surfboard rack is Built to protect your valuable watercraft from damage.  Normally the bike rack option is not ordered with this wide model rack designed to carry more than two watercraft as shown in the photo.

This custom rack is the standard KR2B56S model modified with 24" wide trays on each side of the rack so you can carry up to eight boards or up to four standard deck height kayaks. The stainless steel guards will be adjusted and shaped for the best fit. Both guards on each side are symmetrical.  The patented adjustable stainless steel guards are adjusted & customized to fit your watercraft.  This model can carry boards or kayaks up to 32" wide and 12' long. Two Boards must be at least 6' 4" long then (Shorter boards can be strapped securely on top of long boards). It also can fit up to 4 regular kayaks depending on the deck height (EST 12" HIGH) when ordering without bike rack in middle.

Arrives completely assembled in three sections, with stainless steel hardware, extra eye bolts, padlocks, and straps. The steel frame is double powder coated,  finished with stainless hardware, and built to last a lifetime. Each rack order is custom built to fit your RV , watercraft, and bikes. The shaft lenght, stainless guards is customized and manufactured to match your specifications that you supplied to us.  For added cargo security the top section has a pivoting bar that opens and then locks into place after your cargo is loaded. 

Width: 56" , Depth: 32"
Weight:  90lbs 

 No sales tax shipping outside of NYS. Shipping / trucking cost is $269.00 to your address in the lower 48 States. Alaska, or International shipments are custom quoted. 

 Each rack order is custom manufactured to fit your RV and specified cargo. 

To save money on shipping, customs, and for a free installation pick up your rack here at our Factory! Call us anytime. 518-791-1121
Choose with bike rack if you want this added below. 

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