Yakups brand Vertical Kayak Rack 2KR37W (2 Kayaks / Paddle boards or Surfboards) RV Rack Fifth Wheels or Motorhomes Save $350.00 NOW!


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This is a solid no wobble, heavy duty, one piece designed rack is built to last a lifetime! This is the patented RV Kayak Rack built for you with a five year warranty. Its stainless steel guards protect your kayaks from instantly being destroyed scraping. Constructed with double powder coated steel frames, adjustable stainless steel guards and stainless hardware to protect your valuable watercraft! Stainless steel guards are a must in order to prevent damage to your watercraft! Arrives assembled in three sections that bolt together in just minutes. Note: If you have a rear camera this rack may block your view due to the closeness of the kayaks to each other. Wider rack models KR2B56 or OR2B56 will not block your view.

This model rack can have one or two bike rack channels added.  This can be built for you to carry one kayak and one bike! Some people want to carry one bike & one kayak or just two bikes..

This customized rack model is manufactured to fit your RV and can carry 2 Kayaks up to 33" wide & 12' long or long Surfboards  or Windsurf boards. Optional modification to carry water craft slightly wider than 32" is available for this model please contact us for details if required.

Arrives fully assembled, complete with all stainless steel hardware, patented adjustable protective guards, padlocks, kayak cables, and straps.  This will secure and protect your valuable watercraft. For added safety the upper section has a horizontal front bar that pivots open and then locks in place after the kayaks or boards are loaded. This model can be used with a heavy duty swing arm for Vans with rear doors that need to open.

Our solid one piece design racks are made in the USA , double powder coated frame, stainless steel hardware, padlocks with kayak cables, and built to last a lifetime. Each rack order is custom built to fit your RV , watercraft, and bikes. Our racks require a  2" frame mounted hitch.  The shaft length, stainless guards and bike rack is customized and manufactured to match your specifications that you supplied to us.  

Rack width 37" ,  Depth of 32".

Weight: 80 lbs., clamping block included for a solid connection..

This model does not hold bicycles. No sales tax shipped outside NYS.

Save money on shipping, (usually $269.00 (lower 48 states) No sales tax shipping outside NYS which helps you with shipping cost!   For a free installation, pick up your rack here at our Factory! Call us! 

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