Reviews for RV Kayak Racks .Com Yakups brand racks.

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Tim Trebian reviewed RV Kayak Racks  5 star
May 29

3rd summer with ours. Wife and I love it. no mater where we go if we see a nice spot to Kayak we can now use them, not some day we will have to bring our Kayaks here. Nice Product, well made. Every where I go people love the Kayak / Bike Rack. Thanks Larry, you have answered every question I ever asked and you made one to fit my Rig. Awesome Product..
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We have had our RV kayak rack now for about 3 years and have really enjoyed it. We now take our bicycles and kayaks everywhere we go. The rack is fabricated from the highest quality materials and has worked like a charm. We seldom go anywhere but what people come by and take pictures and inquire about it. We always explain the great service we have gotten and what a good company they are to work with.


Matt Smedley reviewed RV Kayak Racks  5 star

We absolutely love our RV Kayak Racks! Just got back from 6 weeks cross country and back, and they were amazing. We did our fair share of freeway, backroads, dirt roads, and more. They were rock solid. We enjoyed paddling and biking all along the way. Everyone kept coming up to us and asking about them. Really happy we made the purchase. Thanks Larry (and team)!

Bunny LaGamba reviewed RV Kayak Racks  5 star
May 9, 2016

I highly recommend RV Kayak Racks. The rack fits our kayaks and bikes perfectly, and the customer service is outstanding. Thank you Larry!

Kevin Carpenter reviewed RV Kayak Racks  5 star
June 7, 2015

I purchased a rack for our two kayaks and love it. So much easier to load and unload then trying to hoist them overhead. Great people to work with and awesome instructions to put them together. Larry is great to work with very patient and answered all my questions ahead of time.

Karen Dodgen Zabcik reviewed RV Kayak Racks  5 star
July 27

LOVE this rack! We took a 9 week trip to Alaska from Colorado, and the rack was amazing. It's so simple to load and unload my kayaks. With the bumpy roads, I was a bit concerned, but it's very sturdy and well made. I wish I'd had this many years ago!