Yakups® RV Vertical Kayak Rack E2KR37W Carry 4 Paddleboards / 2 Kayaks price $999.00

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This Rack model E2KR37W will take an estimated 1 - 2 weeks to be able to ship due to it's high demand! Now you can purchase FACTORY DIRECT and save!   "The Yakups® Original Vertical Kayak Rack" tm This item is not eligible for other discounts. No Sales Tax shipping outside of NYS

NOTE: In order to fit your RV you must have your 2" Receiver and the  5/8  pin hole in it should be within 2 1/2" of the Rear wall.   Otherwise you may need an extension.  Call us if you need assistance on this.  The next model up 2KR37W  is in stock and has all customized features and shaft length which you may find a better fit. 

*     Yakups® brand patented racks made in the USA. Built to last a lifetime. 5 year warranty included along with straps, cables, padlocks and Clamping block that helps eliminate wobble of rack..

* Solid Yakups® frame construction that has No flex or loose connections. Solid 2" main frame shaft.    Stronger 3/16" wall vertical post that will not flex Safety is #1 concern.  Our racks are built to withstand Highway stresses. Review study by RIT in 2014 and it is engineered to be safe. 

* All stainless hardware including the watercraft guards that prevent damage to your valuable cargo. Fits 2" frame mounted hitches. Anti wobble clamping block included along with Padlocks, straps, 5 year warranty and instructions.  

 * Correctly Designed patented racks that load watercraft so they cut into the wind.  Other multi use custom rack models are available that carry bikes and kayaks. 

This new model  Yakups® brand rack is in stock and will ship right out in one day.  This rack fits in 2" heavy duty Hitch receivers. This is priced at $999.00 plus + $279 shipping cost. There is no sales tax charged shipping outside of NY state. Our Wider rack models do not block the rear camera and this least expensive model has the kayaks close together and will block the rear view. 

This is not eligible for other discounts or customization with the frame build as all our other models do.  All straps , cables, padlocks, and clamping block comes with the rack when you receive it. Our made in the USA  Patented racks have the stainless steel guards that protect your watercraft from being ruined by scraping. Assembles in 10 minutes with four bolts and locks together as a solid frame with no loose connections. This is a high quality rack unit you will be happy with and looks great!  

You can carry either 4 Paddleboards, 6  surfboards or  2 kayaks.  With surfboards or kayaks you need at least  7 foot long watercraft.   (shorter Surfboards can be strapped to 7' boards)  This heavy duty rack weighs 75lbs so it can be easily removed from your RV. We recommend double strapping the top sections eye bolts to your kayaks..  In case of a strap failure this will prevent loss of cargo.  

Model E2KR37W comes with a five year warranty &  It is built to last a lifetime! You can rest assured and have in mind this commercially manufactured USA  product will not fail and expose you to highway liability situations. Due to shipping costs our custom built racks are not returnable.  Yakups® has over 10 years experience, and thousands of rack sold, and we have dozens of 5 star reviews!

Contact us if you need a different rack model that is completely customizable! 

The watercraft can be up to 32" wide. The rack is finished with all stainless steel hardware including the watercraft guards. We recommend using two security straps at the top on watercraft and one at bottom section for 2x security as this model does not have a locking cross bar.

Rack weighs 75lbs and can easily carry your standard size Kayaks, Paddle boards or Surfboards with the protection your valuables deserve. We recommend you add two straps at the top of each watercraft for extra security when traveling. 

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