Customized Yakups® rack to fit four standard bikes and watercraft & LED lighting Save $300.00 USE code Anniversarysale


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The item photo  listed on this page is shown first. It will hold two kayaks up to 33" wide or SUPS and four standard bikes.  Other Photos of different rack designs are shown and prices will vary for them. We will provide a free estimate for more customized racks if you need that.. This can be made the way you want to carry your cargo. Just let us know.

The Yakups bike Racks we manufacture can be ordered as a customized bike rack. This is shipped with two or more cartons with easy assembly. There will be one large carton for the rack frame and one or more long boxes ( depending on how many bikes carried)  with the bike rack rails inside it.  There are three easy to bolt together sections. Let us know your needs and we will provide you a cost to be able to carry your bikes.  If either bike has rear fenders you need to add Rear Fender protector blocks to your order on accessory page.

Please call us for other information if needed. You can also email us with your RV type, Hitch capability, and what you would like to carry. Your hitch rating is important and must be high enough to be able to carry your rack and cargo total weight. RVKR does not warranty third party equipment.

Special square stern kayak rack option can be made for flat square sterns up to 21" wide at the end. Below is a photo and contact us if you need this added. It is located on our accessory page as Special wider lower rack option for square stern kayaks. You must not have a rudder sticking out on the stern end otherwise the kayak must load bow downwards. 



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