Yakups brand vertical Kayak, surfboard, bike cargo racks using swing out arm.

Yakups® brand racks / RV Kayak Racks. Com

This rack with the bike rack included can be used with or without your Hitch receiver swing out arm (not supplied) This is commonly used with Van style RV's with rear doors or truck campers that need to open. The model KR2B56 rack model shown carries  kayaks or surfboards that are a maximum of 32" wide & less than 50 lbs each. = 150lbs of cargo (recommended) plus 108 lbs for rack weight = 258 lbs total so you do not overload the hitch swing out mechanism you choose.

see video here  https://www.dropbox.com/s/jszi5bhqz57d5ty/Yakups%20w%20swing%20hitch.m4v?dl=0

This does  not include the swing out mechanism or our optional drop down wheel. (your discretion) The Hitch Swing tm is manufactured by Wilco offroad and is available online. You may need to add the drop down wheel option located on our accessory page if you need this as a swing out unit. The drop down wheel is recommended and simply pivots down to pavement and provides additional support to the rack weight when you open the swing arm. 

Two bikes about 25 lbs each can be carried with the optional bike rack added to the rack. There are Receiver swing out arm attachment options commercially available.

Shipping cost is about 199.00 in the lower continental states.   Call us for more information. 518-791-1121

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