2KR37W (2 Kayaks / or Wind / Surfboards)


This customized rack model is manufactured to fit your RV and can carry 2 Kayaks up to 32" wide or 4 Surfboards or Windsurf boards.

Arrives fully assembled, complete with all stainless steel hardware, patented adjustable protective guards, padlocks, kayak cables, and straps.  This will secure and protect your valuable watercraft. For added safety the upper section has a horizontal front bar that pivots open and then locks in place after the kayaks or boards are loaded.

Our solid one piece design racks are made in the USA , double powder coated and built to last a lifetime.

Rack width 37" ,  Depth of 32".
Weight: 73 lbs.

This model does not hold bicycles.

To save money on shipping, customs, and for a free installation pick up your rack here at our Factory! Once you purchase we refund your shipping costs at time of pickup. 


Type: Main Model

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