Surfboard Rack Fits boards up to 32" wide

Yakups® brand racks / RV Kayak Racks. Com

This durable heavy duty rack is custom built with a powder coated frame and all stainless steel hardware. It is built to last a lifetime. This is made in the USA and custom built to fit your RV and carry your cargo! Padded rack frame and stainless rods protect your boards!

You can carry several boards in this rack.  If some fins are removed you can even stack more in the rack. Our solid frame design is designed so there are no wobbly or loose joints that may cause movement. The rack locks to your 2" hitch receiver tightly with our heavy duty clamp block so there is no play. 

We offer a locking pin on our accessory page to prevent the rack from being removed. Bags and locking cables can be used to secure your boards. 

This can be used with a Thule heavy duty swing arm if your hitch rating is rated high enough. Let us know your needs.

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