Dual Hitch extension bar for ( FOR FLAT TOWING ONLY)


Riser or Drop  2" extension bar

Weight 60 lbs

This is a Riser or drop down configuration Solid 2" square bar extension with welded and bolted dual hitch receiver tube. The rise or drop distance is calculated so the tow bar will be as level as possible for your vehicle. This is for flat towing tow bars only. This bar only works on the KR2B56 or 2KR37W model racks with 11' or shorter watercraft's and no wider than 32"  due to overall height considerations. 

THIS extension item MUST be USED with a Heavy Duty Class Five  RECEIVER HITCH or other receiver that meets safety standards for towing with your vehicles weight using the extension. Extensions cut towing capacity and Hitch Receiver ability by at least 50% or more based on a 25% reduction per 12" of extension on a dual hitch bar extension.  Vehicles that are towed have weight restrictions and automatic braking of such vehicles must be working properly. A hitch receiver must be at least a 500lb tongue weight or higher. Vehicles over 3800lbs are not recommended to be FLAT towed using an extension.

Tow Bar towing means a bar  that goes out to your vehicle and does not apply any force or tongue weight downward on the hitch. Careful alignment must be done by the RV owner and the vehicle towed by your RV MUST HAVE the proper flat tow bar connected in a horizontal level fashion and position your tow bar in a straight alignment for braking. Your vehicle that you tow MUST have automatic braking that works to stop the vehicles weight otherwise damage can occur to the tow bar  assembly or your hitch. Damage can occur to your receiver or any connections if you do not follow this. RVKR does not accept liability for misuse, negligence or third party equipment failure. 

NEVER TOW utility trailers or boat trailers or damage can occur to your receiver  hitch, or tow bar extension. These type of devices will cause extreme downward force or tongue weight that will exceed your hitch ratings when under way on dips etc. Towing vehicles with all four wheels on the ground using a tow bar does not apply downward force when level. 


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Type: Add-On

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