Standard Bicycle Rack Attachment for RV Racks ( Holds 2 Bikes standard or electric)


Option 1: Holds 2 Bikes up to 75" long. All rack stainless steel bolts use nylock nuts that do not vibrate loose.. fits tires up to 2 3/8" wide (Fits model KR2B56 or OKR2B56) $369.00

For tires wider than 2 3/8" please contact us for options that are available. No sales tax shipping outside of NYS. This patented rack is made in the USA.  Bikes with rear fenders will need rear fender protector blocks added found on the accessory page.

For Tandem bikes LONGER THAN 75" bike channels are  optional & available upon request. Please contact us.

Option 2: Tandem Bike Attachments up to 95" long bikes (Fits model KR2B56 or OKR2B56) $445.00   ( two rail sets ) for two bikes

Option 3: Fits  4" wide or 4 1/2" Fat tires Channels are sold individually for 299.00 per rail set (holds one bike) . This includes large bike hook and straps. 

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