Custom Vertical Bike racks


Prices start at $1938.00 plus shipping for a customized 2 place bike & watercraft rack. We will provide a free estimate for more customized racks if you need that..

The Yakups bike Racks we manufacture can be ordered as a customized bike rack. This is shipped with two or more cartons with easy assembly. There will be one large carton for the rack frame and one or more long boxes ( depending on how many bikes carried)  with the bike rack rails inside it.  There are three easy to bolt together sections. Let us know your needs and we will provide you a cost to be able to carry your bikes. Tires wider than 3" will require custom width rails. If either bike has rear fenders you need to add Rear Fender protector blocks to your order on accessory page

Please call us for information if needed. You can also email us with your RV type, Hitch capability, and what you would like to carry. 

Price is 1938.00 for a two place vertical bike rack. Extra rails, wider rails, can be added from the accessory page. Any other custom requests will be added to the price and a custom quote will be completed for you.    



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