SUP and Surfboard Attachment tray ( cost is for one )

 This product is an optional attachment that mounts on any of our Base rack models. These stainless trays are not required if you order a rack just to carry the SUP's or boards without Kayaks inside the rack.. The fully loaded rack photo has the optional trays added on the left and right side. . 

We manufacture RV vertical customized racks to carry extra Surfboards, wind Surf boards, or Stand-Up Paddleboards / SUP's or Kayaks up to 36" wide.  Our racks do not require the SUP / board attachments if you want to only carry SUP's Paddle boards or other boards and bikes totally inside the rack without kayaks.  

We recommend the model OKR2B56 for SUP's or Paddleboards ( wider than 32" in width and up to 36" in width counting the protective bags) 

The model KR2B56 will carry up to a maximum of 32" wide watercraft such as Wind /Surfboards or kayaks. This is recommended if your cargo fits. The rack is a little smaller, sits closer to your RV, and a better fit for your RV. 

The outboard SUP attachments allow paddle boards and surfboards to rest inside the stainless steel assembly while being strapped to upper section of racks eye bolts and around Kayaks. 


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