Roll Out Rack Yakups brand model KR2B56RO

Yakups® brand racks / RV Kayak Racks. Com

This racks patented design is for RV's with rear slides or doors that open. This can carry water crafts and bikes!   The rack has a stainless steel slide shaft that the rack itself rolls rearward on. The distance can be far enough to allow both a rear 36" sideout to open.  The two drop down wheels allow the rolling to be easy on hard pavement. Bike rack is included on this model. Recommended for kayaks under 60 lbs. Rolling out on ground can be done but requires hardwood strips under each wheel.

For a less expensive model rack for light  weight kayaks, and bikes check out our Swingout rack with a drop down wheel. This will work with a Hitch swing device heavy duty enough to hold the weight. Call us.

Shipping is by truck to the nearest terminal near you. Billing for shipping cost is sent separately to you depending on address and price we get. 

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